Capitol Inspiration

I recently had the opportunity to spend time at the neoclassical designed United States Capitol, which sits at the eastern end of the National Mall in Washington, DC. The first thing you notice when looking at the building’s impressive and ornate exterior is the tremendous amount of scaffolding surrounding its massive dome top. History tells us that the Capitol building has been built, burned (the British set fire to it in 1814), reconstructed, expanded, and repaired since President George Washington laid its cornerstone in September 18, 1793.

Like the Capitol, any thing worth developing in life or in business must not only be carefully constructed with a firm foundation and purpose but will ultimately require ongoing maintenance.

As a business owner, I am reminded that sometimes when working on building my business and serving clients, it requires the constant examination to find opportunities for improvement and expansion while identifying internal structures that need to be in place for implementation. Above all, there will always be a need to put plans in place for a company’s sustainability that are agile enough to accommodate changes over time.

While one can easily be inspired by the Capitol’s external grandeur and stunning interior complete with numerous majestic paintings, intricately detailed ceilings and marble flooring, I left more committed to making that investment of time, talent, and treasure towards building Green Roots into a company that serves our clients beautifully with substance and style.

Next time you're in DC, visit this historic landmark and see how it moves you.

Greenly yours,


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